Smartphone App


With the smartphone app for iOS and Android people can repord mass movement events in Svaneti. Aim is, to gain more data of kind of number of mass movement events by local support. By clicking on the map a menue will open where one can choose categories. It is possible to make statements and photographs. Afterwards, the report can be sent anonymously to our database. We can then check the information and correct if necessary.
Functionality of the App:

  • no registration

  • change between road- and aeral map

  • coordinates of an event will be sent irrespective whether the map could be loaded

  • simple menu to descripe the type of event (what happend and endangerment)

  • upload of photographs

  • sending data in our database


Privacy Statement

To report an event (mass movement), your device is located and therefore access to location data is required. Your location data is only used to locate the event. This data is only transferred to our server and analysed in connection with the event.

To add photos within the application, access to the camera or media library of the device is required. The images are transferred to our server. Access to the image data is possible by registered users of our database. Non-registered users have no access.

The application can be used by users without registration. Therefore, no personal data is collected. When uploading events, the event data is uploaded anonymously to our server.

The copyright for the uploaded photos belongs to the person who took and uploaded the photos. We receive rights of use in the form that we use them in the database for the evaluation of the event as well as send them to the relevant experts for information. The uploaded photos will not be published in newspapers or magazines as well as internet sites.